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There are more options than ever to get around these days, without the need to ever own a vehicle—from buses and trains to boats and planes, ride shares to scooters and more. As passengers, we expect a high degree of care as we travel our paths. We also put our trust in vehicle operators, maintenance crews and others that we rely on to transport us safely to our destinations. When that doesn’t happen, innocent riders can sometimes be injured dramatically and tragically.

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Accomplished trial attorney Jeffrey Kroll of Kaveny + Kroll Trial Attorneys secured one of the largest premises’ liability compensatory awards in the nation and the largest verdict ever reported against the city of Chicago on behalf of college dance student Tierney Darden. In 2015, Tierney suffered life-altering injuries at O’Hare International Airport after a poorly maintained pedestrian shelter weighing 750 pounds fell on top of her, shattering her spinal cord. Today, Tierney is paralyzed from the waist down and suffers from severe neuropathic pain on a daily basis. A post-verdict settlement of $148 million was reached with the city of Chicago.

Source: Chicago Tribune


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2017 | T. Darden v City of Chicago | Cook County | $148,000,000 Verdict

A civil court case in Cook County, Illinois. A jury awarded Darden $148 million for damages after a pedestrian shelter at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport collapsed, leaving Darden partially paralyzed. The case resulted in the highest compensatory verdict awarded to an individual in the state of Illinois, and one of the top five in the United States, excluding punitive damages, wrongful death claims, and imprisoned defendant.

1998 | Cook County | $5,250,000 Verdict

A Lake County woman traveling eastbound on the Kennedy Expressway from O’Hare International Airport, was injured when a Yellow Cab taxi driver drove his cab across three lanes of traffic in an attempt to reach an exit. The woman suffered serious personal injuries involving a brain injury and had difficulty with walking. At the time, the settlement was the largest with a cab company in the state of Illinois.

2008 | Champaign County | $1,250,000 Verdict

An 18-year-old University of Illinois student was struck and killed by a bus operated by the Champaign-Urbana Mass Transit District (MTD) in Central Illinois. The Deerfield resident was within the crosswalk while walking home from class.

2003 | Cook County | $2,775,000 Verdict

A serious personal injury accident involving a Greyhound bus making a tight right-hand turn. The bus pinned a 34-year-old Hinsdale resident against a construction barrier and degloved her leg. The Chicago accident occurred downtown at an intersection in which construction was taking place.

2000 | Cook County | $6,500,000 Verdict

A Chicago resident, a Chinese immigrant, suffered a serious personal injury and had her legs crushed by a bus, which was making too tight of a turn at a downtown intersection. The 55-year-old woman was within the crosswalk at the time of the Chicago accident.

1997 | Cook County | $5,000,000 Verdict

A 31-year-old Hoffman Estates woman was involved in a bus accident. The personal injury victim was struck by a Schaumburg Township bus in May of 1994 while jogging across Huntington Boulevard at Higgins Road in Hoffman Estates and suffered permanent brain damage.

2000 | Taylor E. v. C.T.A. | Cook County | Confidential Settlement

Taylor, age 13, was fatally electrocuted when he left the CTA train platform at the Morse Avenue “L” station and urinated on the third rail. Defense contended Eshoo was a trespasser and the CTA had no reason to anticipate trespassers coming in close proximity to the third rail. Case was originally tried in 1996 ($250,000 verdict reported at PP 7/3); during that trial, the court ruled that Eshoo was an invitee as a matter of law and therefore the CTA had a duty to exercise ordinary care. The CTA appealed and the First District reversed, finding that Eshoo’s legal status was a question of fact and the CTA only had a duty to exercise ordinary care if (a) Eshoo was an invitee or (b) if Eshoo was a trespasser but the CTA had notice that trespassers came in dangerous proximity to the electrified third rail without realizing the risk involved. Upon remand and retrial, the jury was given two special interrogatories as listed above, and the $250,000 verdict was upheld. Plaintiff introduced evidence of nearly 50 incidents of accidental electrocution from contact with the CTA’s third rail within the ten years prior to Eshoo’s death, including three that month.

2004 | Plaintiff v Union Pacific Railroad | Albuquerque, New Mexico | $15,504,000

A tragic truck accident involving a 64-year old man who was killed and a 62-year old woman who suffered a below-the-knee leg amputation, fractured ribs and several broken bones in her legs and arms. The personal injury victims were involved in a multi-vehicle pile-up on the Interstate.The pile-up involved several commercial trucks who were allegedly driving too fast under adverse conditions. The adverse condition which existed was large amounts of smoke on the roadway which was caused by a fire at Union Pacific Railroad. It was alleged that the Union Pacific Railroad failed to contain a fire that they purposely set. An 18- wheeler then rear ended the stopped vehicle, thereby causing the injuries and death to the central Illinois couple, which resided in Charleston.

2004 | Cook County | $1,750,000 Verdict

A 61-year old man suffered a subdural hematoma and later died when his car was rear-ended by a Pepsi owned vehicle while stopped at a red light.

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