A Burst of Light!

by Jeffrey J. Kroll

Summer holidays are among the most coveted of celebrations and, as Americans, they are how we celebrate our independence. Food is grilled, memories will be made and, regardless of the occasion, there will be plenty of fireworks. However, to be able to enjoy the beautiful display of colors, safety precautions must be taken.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, in 2021 alone, there were at least nine fatalities directly caused by improper firework use and upwards of 11,500 people injured from firework related incidents. The most common places of injury are the hands, eyes and face. Sadly, we receive calls regarding firework injuries too often. Proper education on how and where to safely use fireworks can help prevent these accidents from happening.


  • Wear eye protection when lighting a firework.
  • Make sure there is water nearby in case a fire occurs.
  • Light fireworks one at a time.
  • Let the professionals manage the big firework displays, do not try to recreate them yourself.
  • Verify that fireworks are legal in your state.
  • Pour water over the used fireworks before throwing them away to prevent fires.


  • Do not allow children to be near fireworks. Make sure that they are under proper supervision when fireworks are in the area.
  • Do not attempt to relight anything that did not go off on the first try.
  • Do not handle fireworks after having consumed alcohol.
  • Do not point the fireworks at anyone or throw the fireworks.

To ensure fun and safe summer celebrations, and to avoid injuries or even death, we need to be mindful of firework safety guidelines. Having your own firework show at home is not worth it if somebody ends up hurt. If you or someone you know has been harmed by a firework related incident, contact Kaveny + Kroll, experienced personal injury attorneys who will fight for you. Please call +1 (312) 761-5585 or email info@kavenykroll.com for more information.