by Jeffrey J. Kroll 

It was once said that children are our most valuable, natural resource.  Sadly, in Chicago, at least four children have been killed this month by drivers.  Recently, Joshua Avina was on his bicycle in the 6200 block of South Austin Avenue, when he was struck and killed. On June 2nd, Arfi Cardenas, 2, was struck and killed by a driver while riding a mini scooter in Lincoln Square.  A week later, Lily Grace, 3, died after she was run over by a semi-truck driver in Uptown. She was in her mother’s bike carrier. Just one week after that fatal collision, Ja’lon James was struck and killed by a hit-and-run driver while crossing the street in Lawndale.  

This must stop. In Illinois, if you or a family member are injured on a bicycle, a lawsuit may be appropriate to determine whether the driver of the vehicle or their employer/property owner, caused the crash with respect to their conduct. After representing bicyclists for 32 years, I can safely say that most bicycle crashes occur when common practices or laws are broken by the drivers of motor or commercial vehicles. Our vast experience with bicycle accidents includes the $5.25 million verdict that we received for a 25-year-old woman who was tragically struck and killed by a truck as she rode her Divvy bike across a Chicago intersection. 

The Illinois bicycle lawyers at Kaveny + Kroll have extensive experience and success in handling all kinds of accidents and crashes. We are fortunate that our firm’s reliable reputation as bicycle injury attorneys in Illinois stems from our extensive history of success inside and outside of the courtroom on behalf of the bicyclists. A thorough understanding of the state’s bicycle laws and appropriate standards for drivers of motor and commercial vehicles separates our firm from others and ensures successful results. 

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