Boating Safety

by Jeffrey J. Kroll

With summer just around the corner, many Illinois residents will take to the water.  Individuals with families enjoy boating and other water activities, such as riding a wave runner or tubing.  Unfortunately, the number of boating accidents also rises when the heat does.  Unfortunately, water accidents often lead to permanent injuries or the wrongful death of a loved one.  If you or a family member were injured due to the actions of a negligent boat operator or watercraft operator, it is imperative that you get the legal help from an experienced Chicago boat accident attorney.

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How do Water Accidents Occur?

While boats are generally safe as a result of increased technology and state of the art safety features, a system can malfunction or be used improperly.  Here are some of the common types of boating accidents we see:

  • The operator’s inability to follow boating laws.
  • Collision with a swimmer.
  • Collision with an individual tubing.
  • Collision with another watercraft or stationary structure.
  • Operating a boat under the influence of alcohol.

Whenever a collision or an operator’s inability to follow boating law occurs, the boat operator will most likely be at fault.   Safe operation of a boat, or other watercraft, requires care to avoid a collision causing harm to others.

Illinois Boating Laws

The best way to familiarize yourself with the current Illinois boating laws would be to go to and search for Illinois boating laws.  For example, under Illinois law, these operating practices are illegal:

  1. Careless operation – careless operation of a boat is operating a boat in a careless manner that causes danger to any person or property, or operating at speeds greater than which allow the operator to bring the boat to a stop within a clear distance.
  2. Reckless operation – reckless operation of a boat or the manipulation the boat to impact water skiers or similar device which causes danger to life, limb or property of any person. For example:
    1. Weaving your boat through congested waterway traffic.
    2. Waiting until the last minute to swerve and avoid a collision.
    3. Operating a boat in a manner that creates hazardous wave or wake conditions.
  1. Operating in a restricted or “no wake” area.
  2. Failure to follow navigation rules.
  3. Operating a boat while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  4. Boat towing persons on water skis or other devices must display a skier-towing flag from the highest point so that it is visible from all directions at all times while a person is being towed.

If you are injured in a boating accident, you should immediately seek help from experienced boating accident lawyers at Kaveny + Kroll.  The attorneys at Kaveny + Kroll understand and appreciate all the latest developments with boating in and around the Chicagoland area and throughout the state of Illinois.  We can protect your rights and pursue all necessary means of compensation for you.  Call for a free consultation today at 312-761-5585.