by Jeffrey J. Kroll

Taxicabs are a major part of the Chicago transportation system. The law considers them ‘common carriers’ and these cars and vans are available for hire practically 24 hours a day. Moreover, cab company drivers are expected to ensure the safe transport of their passengers. Taxis are intended to provide people with an easy and safe way to arrive at their destination safely. Unfortunately, this does not always occur.

There are thousands of registered taxicabs operated by companies throughout the Chicagoland area, which are on the road every day. With this large influx of taxicabs comes the inevitable reasons for taxi accidents. Bicyclists, pedestrians, those in other vehicles, or taxicab passengers themselves, are often injured in a taxi accident. Determining liability and pursuing compensation can be a complex matter for those injured.

The Chicago taxi accident attorneys at Kaveny + Kroll recognize these dangers when sharing the crowded streets with taxicabs. The attorneys at Kaveny + Kroll have the knowledge and resources to assist our clients and help them achieve justice for injuries they have suffered.  The taxicab accident attorneys at Kaveny + Kroll are dedicated to improving public safety by holding negligent taxicab companies responsible for any and all harm they have caused.

As common carriers, taxi companies and their drivers are required to provide the highest duty of care to protect the safety of passengers when they are riding in or exiting a taxi. Sadly, many Chicagoland taxi passengers who are injured in a taxicab accident struggle to receive adequate compensation from taxi companies. Therefore, representation by an experienced Chicagoland taxi attorney is essential in order to demonstrate not only liability by the taxi company and their driver, but to fully assess a passenger’s injuries.

The Chicago taxi lawyers at Kaveny + Kroll have years of experience fighting aggressively for our clients and will fight for your right for maximum compensation or your injuries and loss. At Kaveny + Kroll, our experienced personal injury attorneys can provide you the legal help you need in these life changing situations. Contact our office today to schedule a free consultation with our Chicago taxicab accident attorneys.