Firework display
Crackles, Pops and Sizzles – It is Time for Fireworks

by Mimi Lannon

As the Fourth of July is almost here, it is important to be aware of Illinois rulings and safety when using fireworks.

In this past year, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission became aware of 9,700 injuries and 8
deaths due to firework use. Almost 2/3 (or 66%) of all firework injuries occurring in 2023 were in
relation to the Independence Day celebration. In Illinois, the purchase, sale, and possession of consumer fireworks are prohibited due to the Pyrotechnic Use Act, which passed in 1942. Illinois is one of three states banning consumer fireworks, i.e., fireworks that are open for public use but generally weaker in explosive power.

Chicago officials advise you to be enlightened by fireworks through professional displays. Outside of professional firework displays, there are items known as “novelty effects” that are available for use in Illinois. These devices may be identified as snappers, poppers, snakes, tanks, or smoke devices that have little visibility and an audible outcome.

If you choose to participate in firework use, here are some tips to be aware of before celebrating:
  • Follow the instruction labels on the device
  • Only adults or older children with supervision should handle fireworks
  • Make sure to have water accessible
  • Only use fireworks outdoors, utilizing an open space
  • Eye protection should be worn
  • Don’t point them in the direction of people, bushes, or any items that may be
  • Don’t relight a firework that has already been used
  • If an accident occurs, seek medical attention immediately.

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