Lung Cancer Awareness Month

by Jeffrey J. Kroll

Lung Cancer Awareness Month is observed annually in November. Sadly, every year, too many Americans are either diagnosed with the disease or die from it. Often, dying from lung cancer is a result of a misdiagnosis or failure to properly diagnose a lung condition. When lung cancer is not caught in a timely fashion, life expectancies are low.

Each year, over 200,000 people are affected by lung cancer in the United States. Over 140,000 of these individuals will die from this disease. Lung cancer is the 2nd most common cancer detected in both men and women. Prostate cancer remains the deadliest form of this disease for men and breast cancer poses the greatest threat to women.

New drug therapies often assist in treating lung cancer, again, if caught early. However, the most important determining factor with respect to the prognosis and survivability of lung cancer is the stage of which the disease is discovered. Early detection and treatment offer the best chances for long-term survival. Conversely, untreated lung cancer has a diminished chance for a cure.

One of the more serious issues involving healthcare providers failing to diagnose lung cancer at an early stage is that the cancer may be spreading or metastasizing in one’s body elsewhere. This will often occur even before an individual experiences any kind of breathing difficulties.

Again, it’s important to remember, the earlier you catch lung cancer, the better off that you are. There are generally 4 stages of lung cancer:

  • Stage I: The cancer most likely has not begun spreading to other parts of the body. The tumors are often very small.
  • Stage II: The cancer may have begun spreading elsewhere in the body. The tumor is now starting to grow.
  • Stage III: These tumors may be quite large and have moved into various organs near the lungs.
  • Stage IV: This is the latter stage. The cancer may now have moved into both lungs or into several other parts of the body.

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