Pedestrian Injuries

If someone operating a motor vehicle does not carefully watch the road, devastating and catastrophic results occur. Unfortunately, this is especially true when you are a pedestrian. The pedestrian accident lawyers at Kaveny + Kroll know, these vehicle collisions tend to cause serious and catastrophic injuries. Some of the common causes of these collisions are:

  • The driver was not attentive,
  • The driver was distracted,
  • The driver failed to abide by the posted speed limit,
  • The driver failed to yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk,
  • The driver turned at an intersection without being attentive and failed to look in both directions.

In urban areas, like Chicago, there is a much higher possibility of a pedestrian collision occurring. Yet, some deadly pedestrian accidents do occur on suburban and country roads. There are several winding roads that may have highly limited visibility. When high speeds are involved, serious injuries can occur.

Pedestrian collisions can happen in a myriad of ways, and it is very important to get the appropriate medical treatment if you are injured. Similarly, by hiring pedestrian accident lawyers, such as Kaveny + Kroll, experienced in dealing with pedestrian injury cases, you focus on your recovery while the Kaveny + Kroll attorneys handle the legal process. Call the lawyers at Kaveny + Kroll for a free consultation.