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Civil servants like police officers are generally great pillars of society, often the first people we want to talk to in an emergency situation. But when police officers overstep their official duties and act inappropriately or illegally, the outcomes can be truly terrible. When you have been mistreated by someone in a position of authority, like a police officer, it’s hard to know who to trust. Who do you call to police the police?

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Failing to require officers to de-escalate situations,
where possible, by communicating with subjects, maintaining distance, and otherwise eliminating the need to use force

Allowing officers to choke or strangle civilians,
in many cases where less lethal force could be used instead, resulting in the unnecessary death or serious injury of civilians

Failing to require officers to intervene and stop excessive force
used by other officers and report these incidents immediately to a supervisor

Failing to restrict officers from shooting at moving vehicles,
which is regarded as a particularly dangerous and ineffective tactic

Failing to develop a Force Continuum
that limits the types of force and/or weapons that can be used to respond to specific types of resistance

Failing to require officers to exhaust all other reasonable means
before resorting to deadly force

Failing to require officers to give a verbal warning,
when possible, before shooting at a civilian

Failing to require officers to report each time they use force or threaten to use force
against civilians



Click through the tabs below to learn about a few of our cases involving POLICE MISCONDUCT.

2013 | Adam C. v Village of Marionette Park | Cook County | $5,250,000 Settlement

Plaintiff’s pickup was broadsided by Michael O’Donnell’s Cadillac Escalade, which ran a red light at Kedzie and 111th (Chicago) while fleeing from Village of Merrionette Park Police Officer John Longini. Plaintiff male 29 was ejected and suffered facial/skull fractures, a closed head injury with 18-day coma, and spinal cord damage that caused incomplete quadriplegia. Although plaintiff, a business manager at a law firm, recovered from the TBI with extensive rehab, significant right-side weakness necessitates his use of a cane ($1,059,594 medical expense; no LT). Allegedly, Longini engaged in a reckless and unnecessary chase over minor traffic infractions, without his vehicle’s lights/sirens activated. Defense insisted Longini ended his pursuit of O’Donnell well before the crash.

2010 | Macon v County of Cook | Cook County | $327,500 Verdict

2013 | Padilla v City of Chicago | Cook County | $5,000,000 Verdict

2008 | Cheryl W. v City of Chicago, Lt. Eve Gushes | Cook County | $1,579,447 Verdict

Plaintiff female 58 is the former principal of Dyett Academic Center, a public school located at 555 E. 51st St., Chicago. After a fight involving at least six students, one of whom had been rendered unconscious, the school called 911 and advised the call taker there was a weapon in the school (based on student report) and immediate police and ambulance assistance was necessary. After Chicago police arrived, a police sergeant learned no gun was found and sought to determine the identity of the 911 caller. Plaintiff prinicipal indicated the call was made at her direction. Ultimately, six students involved in the fight were arrested by responding police officers. Hours later, police department personnel, none of whom had responded to the initial 911 call, returned to the school and arrested plaintiff, charging her with misdemeanor disorderly conduct. Defendant Police Lieutenant Gushes’ attempt to charge plaintiff with felony disorderly conduct was rejected by the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office, and Gushes’ submission of a felony override request was also denied by the Assistant Deputy Superintendent. In addition, the City of Chicago filed a lawsuit against plaintiff seeking to recover the costs associated with responding to the 911 call. Both the criminal and civil cases were eventually dismissed. Plaintiff contended her arrest was a willful and wanton abuse of police power, asserted defendants were guilty of malicious prosecution, and sought damages for harm to her reputation, emotional distress, $60,000 LT for early retirement, and $19,447 for attorneys’ fees to defend herself in the criminal and civil cases.

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