Slip and Fall Occurrences. Wet floor sign.
Slip and Fall Occurrences

by Jeffrey J. Kroll

Slip and fall occurrences are probably the most common and well-known type of Premise Liability case an individual will encounter. If you, a family member or close friend have been injured in a slip, trip or fall incident, know that this is no laughing matter. Injuries from slip and fall occurrences can often be serious and potentially life-threatening.

The most common causes of these types of occurrences, include injuries due to wet floors, obstructed walkways or icy sidewalks. Many people are under the misconception that if you are injured on someone else’s property, you automatically have a case. The law requires that property owners and operators take reasonable steps to keep their premises safe for customers and visitors. It is incumbent upon the injured party to prove that the property owner either caused this dangerous condition, knew or should have known it existed, and in failing to act when they knew or should have known, to constitute negligence.

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