Water Park and Pool Safety

by Jeffrey J. Kroll

Walk, don’t run.”


Children have heard this phrase shouted by lifeguards and parents alike when running around the pool area or in a water park. As a child, these words seemed to dampen the fun, but adults are thankful that their kids will not slip and fall.


The most common accidents that occur at water parks are head injuries, cuts from hidden foreign objects in the water, and slip-and-falls. Flipped inner tubes or overcrowded wave pools pose drowning and injury risks, including whiplash and spinal injury. Additionally, various bacteria and germs in and around the pool can lead to infection if one has an open cut. Poor construction, unrecognized hazards and improper supervision and care by faculty can cause a potentially deadly injury at these facilities.


While there are inherent risks at pools and water parks, there are several ways that these injuries can be prevented. If your child is not the strongest swimmer, it is advised that they wear a life jacket or floaties to help them stay afloat. Similarly, they should be closely supervised by lifeguards on duty. Also, one should not dive in the shallow end. While there are typically signs that tell the children where they can and cannot dive, it helps to show them the proper diving areas and warn them of the dangers of diving in shallow areas before jumping in the water. Other easy ways to stay safe are to wear waterproof sunscreen (and reapply frequently) and stay hydrated.


It is imperative to take measures to protect yourself and your loved ones from injury at pools and water parks; however, sometimes these measures are not enough. While we all want to enjoy the warm weather and the various water activities, risk of injury at water parks and pools do exist. Faulty construction on water slides and other apparatuses can cause excessive speed, overturned inner tubes and accidental drowning. Additionally, lifeguards and other safety personnel have a duty to ensure the safety of those in danger, and they should always be focused and attentive. Breaches of these responsibilities and duties can lead to great harm and legal responsibility for the water park or pool.

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