Elizabeth Kaveny Offering Pro-Bono Counsel to Families Impacted by St. Ignatius Crash

(Chicago, IL) – A tragic crash occurred on the evening of November 12th when a semi-truck hit and flipped a bus carrying the St. Ignatius College Prep junior hockey team, resulting in 16 injured students, 3 of them being critically injured. The crash took place in Warsaw, Indiana at at 7 PM on the way to their lodging. St. Ignatius was in Indiana for a hockey tournament at Culver Academy.

Elizabeth Kaveny, St. Ignatius mother of Kathleen and Meredith (‘26), Lexi (’22) and Jack (’20) Lannon, is also the Managing Partner of Kaveny + Kroll Trial Lawyers. Kaveny and Kroll would like to offer counsel and guidance for any affected families pro bono (without charge).

Kaveny has handled numerous cases of trucks driving recklessly and irresponsibly resulting in injuries and even death. She is the Senate appointee to the Move Over Task Force and has testified before the House regarding stricter trucking laws and penalties. She has represented numerous members of the Illinois State Police when involved in collisions with semis.

Police said they were already responding to calls of the semi driver “swerving into other lanes and driving at excessive speed” before they were alerted the driver had crashed into the school bus. Officers arrested the truck driver for driving under the influence, police said. Hospital reports show the truck driver also failed toxicology tests.

Read the full article: https://abc7chicago.com/st-ignatius-bus-accident-hockey-crash-college-prep/12451953/

If you would like to speak with Beth Kaveny, please call her on her cell phone at 312-961-6389.