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Business operators and homeowners have a responsibility to keep their premises safe for everyone from children to the elderly and anyone in between. When they don’t, people can get seriously hurt. Problems such as faulty wiring, bad construction, building code violations, and unrecognized hazards can leave innocent people devastated.

The attorneys at Kaveny + Kroll are experienced in seeking justice for people injured by another’s negligence or failure to maintain their premises. We stand for your rights. Please call the attorneys at Kaveny + Kroll today for a free confidential consultation at 312-761-KKTL (5585).

Accidental injury has become the

Injury statistics examined by National Security Council data experts confirm that preventable deaths rise 10% on average every year. Based on new injury statistics, an American is accidentally injured every second and killed every three minutes by a preventable event – a drug overdose, a vehicle crash, a fall, a drowning or another preventable incident.

Source: National Security Council


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2015 | T. Darden v City of Chicago | Cook County | $148,000,000 Verdict

A civil court case in Cook County, Illinois. A jury awarded Darden $148 million for damages after a pedestrian shelter at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport collapsed, leaving Darden partially paralyzed. The case resulted in the highest compensatory verdict awarded to an individual in the state of Illinois, and one of the top five in the United States, excluding punitive damages, wrongful death claims, and imprisoned defendant.

2015 | Pettit v The Hampton Social | Cook County | $1,300,000 Settlement

2004 | $3,000,000 Verdict

A graduate of Marist High School who was a current senior at Northern Illinois University, was killed when a fellow Evans Scholar threw a cinder block from the third-floor balcony at Northern Illinois University.

2005 | $12,500,000 Settlement

A Rolling Meadows High School football player suffered serious personal injury and was rendered a quadriplegic after he was tackled by a teammate and came into contact with an unpadded, 25-foot-high steel post that was located 11’ 5” from the sideline of the Rolling Meadows’ football practice field. Plaintiff contended that by permitting an unpadded pole so close to a practice field, this constituted a violation of the Rules of the National Federation of State High School Associations.

2010 | Cook County | $5,000,000 Settlement

A pool incident involving paralysis to a Chicago high school student.

2006 | Donald + Arlene V v Hokin | Cook County | $1,500,000 Verdict

Donald (69) was a window treatment installer working at defendant’s residence in Glencoe when he exited through a side door and fell down an adjacent stairway. He sustained a traumatic brain injury, thirteen skull fractures, severe cognitive and behavioral deficits, impaired executive brain function, hearing loss, impaired speech, memory impairment, emotional dysfunction, loss of balance and coordination, impaired vision, confusion, depression, sexual dysfunction, disorientation, and inability to orientate to reality ($386,168 medical bills). Plaintiff contended the stairway presented an unreasonable risk of harm because it was no more than five inches from the doorway and was unprotected and maintained defendant was negligent for failure to warn of door opening in close proximity to a staircase and failure to protect from risk of harm. The defense argued the residence was newly constructed and built in full compliance with applicable building codes, the condition did not present an unreasonable risk of harm, and plaintiff was contributorily negligent.

2000 | $1,300,000 Verdict

Glen Ellyn resident slips and falls on a wet floor, which was caused by a leak in the roof of the Ogilvy train station, shattering his kneecap.

2013 | Mary + Jeffrey M. v Global Exposition Services | Nothern District of IL, Federal Court (Cook County) | $2,664,006.80 Judgment

Plaintiff female (52) was attending a medical conference hosted by Global Experience Specialists in Grapevine, Texas. She tripped and fell over an overturned folding table that was left unattended by the event staff. Before the fall, she had been looking at an overhead sign that contained information about where her destination was located. She sustained a contusion to her right knee which healed normally. She also sprained her left wrist and hand. Her pain worsened and she treated with numerous doctors over a seven-year span, including orthopedic surgeons, hand specialists, neurologists, rheumatologists, physiatrists and pain management specialists. She received conservative treatment for suspected Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) shortly after her fall, which did not resolve the pain. Next, she treated for chronic pain, which consisted of acupuncture, physical therapy, a TENS unit and medication therapy. However, she still experienced pain throughout her left arm after this treatment. Years later she finally received a definitive diagnosis of CRPS from Dr. Timothy Lubenow at Rush Pain Center, which necessitated more aggressive treatment than she had initially undergone. This included a five-day implantation of an epidural catheter and a permanent implantation of a spinal cord stimulator that will require multiple follow-up surgeries to change the battery. Plaintiff also claimed a positional injury that occurred during this surgery resulted in chronic neck pain. Plaintiff argued her fall caused permanent pain in her left upper extremity which will functionally limit her for the rest of her life ($120,220 medical expenses). This case was initially filed in Cook County (13L-9138) before being transferred to federal court. The trial was bifurcated on the issues of liability and damages. The judge applied Texas negligence law for both phases. Regarding liability, the defense argued plaintiff was contributorily negligent for the fall because the table was visible and there were warning signs placed near the entrance. Judge Durkin disagreed and ruled deft was 100% liable for the accident. The Patton & Ryan firm was then brought in as lead defense trial counsel for the damages trial. Regarding damages, the defense contended plaintiff did not have CRPS because she did not exhibit objective symptoms, and even if she did it was not related to the fall because her symptoms did not show up until a year later. The defense-maintained plaintiff merely suffered soft tissue injuries and magnified her pain symptoms. The defense supported these arguments with recent surveillance video footage showing plaintiff using her left arm without any apparent discomfort or impairment, as well as evidence that she continued working and traveling.

2013 | $1,125,000 Verdict

A 15-year-old Zion boy was riding his bike, when a 120 pound Bullmastiff escaped from a large hole in the fence and violently pulled the boy off his bike and onto the street. The attack left the teen with traumatic lacerations and puncture wounds to legs, thigh, buttocks, arms, shoulder and head. The teen had to undergo surgery and was diagnosed and treated for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. This is one of the largest reported dog bite settlements in the state of Illinois.

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