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Mass Tort Litigation

When a business entity manufactures a dangerous product or engages in a harmful practice that causes injury to an individual, that individual can sue the business entity.  When multiple individuals file lawsuits against an entity involving a common question of law or fact, the courts may consolidate the lawsuits into one action called Mass Tort Litigation.

The attorneys at Kaveny + Kroll are experienced in seeking justice and compensation for individuals whose cases have been consolidated into a mass tort.  Unlike the individual personal injury or medical malpractice cases we handle, mass torts involve a different expertise due to their unique complexity.  Call the attorneys at Kaveny + Kroll today for a free confidential consultation at 312.761.KKTL (5585).

Generally, mass tort litigation brings together cases filed over multiple jurisdictions to one central court.  Consolidating the cases enables more efficient case management while preserving the distinct identities of the cases and the rights of the separate parties in them.

Mass torts differ from class action lawsuits.  In a class action, any settlement of the action is evenly divided between all members of the class.  Mass torts allow each plaintiff to seek compensation for their individual injuries.

Mass torts commonly involve exposure to dangerous or defective consumer products, drugs, medical devices, toxic materials, or natural/man-made disasters.  Examples of mass tort litigation include use of the RoundUp Weedkiller or the heartburn drug Zantac, exposure to Agent Orange or asbestos, and the Boeing 737 MAX airplane crash in Indonesia.  By seeking justice from entities which have imperiled consumers, we hold these manufacturers accountable to do better.

Elizabeth Kaveny currently represents a number of families in a mass tort action against Abbott Laboratories and Mead Johnson.  Children born to the parents Beth represents suffered a life-threatening condition called Necrotizing Enterocolitis (“NEC”) after being fed infant formula made by Abbott and Mead Johnson.  As part of her representation, Beth was appointed Plaintiffs’ Liaison Counsel by the judge overseeing the Infant Formula Mass Tort Action.  As Plaintiffs’ Liaison Counsel, Beth is responsible for maintaining a list of all cases contained within the Multidistrict Litigation, communicating with the judge, and apprising all plaintiffs’ counsel of developments.

Jeffrey Kroll represented several victims who developed related cancers after being exposed to ethylene oxide. “When corporations are not your friend,” said Kroll “find a good support team to help you because you are going to need it.”


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Verdict obtained on behalf of homeowners who lived near the Sterigenics facility and contracted various forms of cancer as a result of ethylene oxide (“EtO”) emissions into the environment by Sterigenics and its parent company, Sotera Health.

Currently seeking recovery on behalf of clients who have filed lawsuits against Abbott Laboratories, Inc. (“Abbott”), Mead Johnson & Company and Mead Johnson Nutrition Company (“Mead Johnson”). Babies born to these plaintiffs developed necrotizing enterocolitis (“NEC”) after they were fed infant formula manufactured by Abbott or Mead Johnson. NEC is a serious gastrointestinal problem that mostly affects premature babies and can lead to permanent injury or death.

Received financial compensation for the families of plaintiffs who were prescribed the pain medication Vioxx manufactured by Merck. The drug was found to cause heart attacks and strokes and has subsequently been withdrawn from the marketplace.

We are on your side and have experience representing individuals and families in mass tort litigation.

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