Traumatic Brain Injury Case Resolved by Kaveny + Kroll

March 25, 2019

The new boutique personal injury firm is already making an impact

March 25, 2019

CHICAGO — Just weeks after opening their doors at Two Pru, Kaveny + Kroll has resolved its first case. The client — a young, single, self-employed woman — was a passenger in her father’s car. The vehicle was at a complete stop when it was hit from behind and pushed into the car in front of it, creating two forceful impacts. The client’s head was thrown into the front row seat headrest and then backward into her own headrest. As a result of the collision, the client suffered a traumatic brain injury which led to cognitive disabilities. She is now dependent on her elderly father for assistance with daily living activities.

Elizabeth Kaveny

As Managing Partner, Elizabeth Kaveny explained, “We identified our client as someone in need of immediate financial assistance for medical treatment and caregiving. Now, she can afford both.”

Kaveny + Kroll has emphasized its desire to handle cases more expediently and with greater care than might normally occurs in “the system,” which is why Kaveny reached out for immediate mediation and to retired Judge Dennis Burke to get the job done. Kaveny and her first hire, junior trial attorney Olivia Sarmas-Ford, attended the mediation with Burke.

“We are happy to bring some closure to this family, as well as financial relief so our client can attempt to regain some of her independence,” Sarmas-Ford added. The amount of the settlement will remain confidential at the family’s request.

About Kaveny + Kroll: Kaveny + Kroll is a leading boutique personal injury law firm in Chicago. Established in 2019 by award-winning attorneys Elizabeth A. Kaveny and Jeffrey J. Kroll, the firm is driven by their commitment to justice and the need to fight for victim’s rights and financial recovery. They believe a valued law firm should take your case personally… because it is.