Auto Accident
Auto Alert: What Are the Immediate Steps I must take If I am in an Auto Accident?

by Jeffrey J. Kroll

You’re going about your day – be it at work or pleasure. Suddenly (because that’s how auto accidents occur) you are hit or hit another vehicle. Chaos ensues. From a simple fender-bender to a catastrophic head-on collision, motor vehicle accidents can leave all parties confused to say the least, about which steps to take next.

Here are some crucial suggestions to guide you if you are involved in a collision:
  • Call an ambulance IF anyone is injured, or possibly injured.
  • If possible, and at times necessary, move your vehicle away from oncoming traffic to avoid any additional collisions.
  • Call the police if there is significant property damage, serious bodily injury, or death.
  • Never admit fault for an auto accident. While many people may believe that they were at fault for the collision, they are often unaware of all the facts and circumstances at play which may have contributed to the collision. Oftentimes, fault will be determined upon further investigation by the car accident attorneys at Kaveny + Kroll.
  • Exchange information with all parties involved. In exchanging information, it is important to obtain the following:
    • Name of the individual(s);
    • Address, telephone number, other personal information;
    • License number;
    • Auto insurance information; and
    • Vehicle’s make, model, year, and color.
  • Oftentimes, it is a good idea to get a statement from any willing witnesses. At the very least, document their names and contact information so an investigator or your auto collision attorney can speak with them.
  • Finally, take photos of the vehicle damage, all physical injuries, or any evidence that shows road and/or weather conditions.

Seems like a long list of things to ‘get in order’. But, skipping any of these criteria, runs the risk of putting you, your car or the other party, in greater danger.

It is important to gather this information as quickly as possible. While physical wounds begin to heal over time, taking photos or videotapes can preserve the severity of an injury.

The auto accident attorneys at Kaveny + Kroll have the necessary experience to handle a simple fender bender or a complex automobile collision case. For a free consultation, call the car accident attorneys at (312) 761-5585.