Fall leaves and trees
Autumn Injuries Give Way to Fall

by Jeffrey J. Kroll

As the weather will inevitably start to change and temperatures will drop, more and more people are trying to enjoy the final days of Summer. While everyone is trying to have some fun, it is important to stay alert and safe. As the Summer ends and Fall approaches, it is a common time for certain personal injury injuries to occur. The Personal Injury attorneys at Kaveny + Kroll want you to be made aware of the following situations to enable you to stay safe this Fall.

As the Summer ends and Fall approaches, rain is often in the forecast. The rainwater makes pathways, sidewalks, and even roads very slippery. You need to make sure that the paved areas around your home are free from oil or other slippery substances. Also, wear sensible shoes when it is raining to reduce your risk of a slip and fall incident.

We all want to ride bicycles. It is great exercise, and it can be exhilarating, but bike riding in motor vehicle traffic can increase your risk of being involved in a collision. If you do ride your bicycle, make sure that you follow the Illinois traffic laws; wear bright colored clothing, and keep an eye out for motorists. Similarly, if you are driving or operating a motor vehicle, allow bicyclists roadway space as you pass them.

Finally, let’s face it, motorcyclists love to hit the road when there is opportunistic weather in the forecast. As a motorcycle operator, one needs to be aware of aggressive drivers and must pay attention to their surroundings. Plan your route so that you are familiar with the roads.

If you have been injured in a personal injury circumstance, please contact the Accident and Injury attorneys at Kaveny and Kroll to find out what you should do to receive the compensation that you may be entitled to.