Halloween Safety Tips

by Jeffrey J. Kroll

Halloween is the Super Bowl for children!


With the ‘big match up’ around the corner, it is time for all of our little superheroes, princesses and skeletons to take to the streets. As our children get ready to binge on candy, keep these safety tips in mind to ensure your family has a safe and happy Halloween night:

  • Have your children trick-or-treat in a group with at least one adult supervising.
  • While this is easier said than done, children should walk and not run in between houses to avoid any trips or falls.
  • Use crosswalks whenever possible.
  • Stick to the sidewalks and avoid walking in the street or crossing unlit properties.
  • Never enter a stranger’s home.
  • Use reflective tape or glow necklaces to keep your children visible in the dark.
  • Examine all treats to make sure they are free from potential choking hazards.

The attorneys and staff at Kaveny + Kroll hope you have a spooky but safe Halloween. We are committed to making our communities a better place for our children.