by Jeffrey J. Kroll

As the weather starts to get nicer in the Chicagoland area, motorcyclists will take to the roads. Unfortunately, many motorcycle accidents occur when a car or truck fails to see a motorcycle in their blind spot. Truck and car operators must know where blind spots are and how to stay safe on the roadways.

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It is almost impossible for a driver to know where the blind spots are on their vehicle unless you know how to look for a blind spot. While in the driver’s seat, you can gauge where blind spots are in a vehicle by looking over your shoulder and identifying what you are unable to see in your mirrors alone. Blind spots are especially dangerous when trying to see a motorcyclist, as a motorcycle is much smaller and less visible to other drivers on the road. Whenever possible, a motorcyclist should change lanes to avoid traveling in other motorists’ blind spots.



There are serval actions a motorist can effectuate to avoid an accident with a motorcycle. For example, operators should adhere to these simple tips:

  • Check and adjust all mirrors to increase visibility around your vehicle before driving.
  • Look before turning, changing lanes, or passing other vehicles. This includes checking your mirrors and looking over your shoulder, if need be.
  • Avoid driving while distracted so you are fully aware of your surroundings, including your blind spots.

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