When you just have to have that package

by Jeffrey J. Kroll

As the demand for immediate delivery in our society increases, there is an impact it could have on our safety. Proliferation of delivery vehicles on the road has increased substantially by Amazon and other companies. Amazon has moved away from using standard services, like UPS or FedEx, and has started delivering its own packages. In 2021 alone, Amazon was a defendant in more than 100 automobile accident lawsuits. Yet, Amazon attempts to escape liability in many collisions around the county. Amazon still maintains the position that their delivery drivers are not Amazon employees – instead, the drivers are independent contractors who are hired by their delivery service partners.

Amazon enlists close to 1,000 different logistics companies to deliver its packages. Let’s face it, deliveries have become even more frantic and urgent as we now have Prime delivery, next day delivery, and even same-day delivery. Amazon is attempting to cater to people’s impulsive needs for an even faster service. As a result, it has forced Amazon to ramp up its delivery efforts. In doing so, there have been a substantial number of collisions involving Amazon drivers.

It is a simple equation; more rushing equates with more collisions. There is increased pressure on these drivers to meet deadlines and make their quotas. As a result, speeding and reckless driving is commonplace as drivers struggle to drop off their orders in a timely fashion. Some drivers must deliver upwards of 250 packages a day. Doing the math, that leaves a very short period of time for each delivery. We have also seen that these drivers are often working while fatigued and even skipping breaks.

To contrast this, the regular commercial truck drivers are subjected to strict Federal time limits to avoid driving while fatigued. When you create driving situations where the drivers are rushed, inattentive or careless, it is a recipe for disaster. Sadly, the motoring public are the victims of this careless driving.

Even though Amazon may not be paying the drivers directly, it is the position of Kaveny + Kroll that these drivers are still agents for Amazon. These delivery drivers give the appearance of being an employee of Amazon by wearing Amazon uniforms which display the company name and logo.

Additionally, these drivers are required to use the Mentor App which monitors their driving habits. Believe it or not, this app oversees acceleration, braking, cornering, and the speed of their vehicle. This Mentor App is supplied by Amazon to better manage and control their drivers. This heavy surveillance demonstrates the extent of Amazon’s control and involvement.

Amazon trucks and vans have caused injury and even death on numerous occasions. If you have been affected as a result of an Amazon or trucking accident, we can help review your situation and guide you towards the fair and favorable compensation you deserve. Contact the trucking attorneys at Kaveny + Kroll for a free initial consultation.