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Ohio Hospital Paid Neil Armstrong’s Family $6M in Malpractice Settlement after his Death

Ohio hospital paid Neil Armstrong's family $6M in malpractice settlement after his death

Washington Examiner

Famed astronaut Neil Armstrong’s family reportedly received $6 million from an Ohio hospital following allegations that medical errors led to his August 2012 death.

The Mercy Health system, which defended the care provided to Armstrong, paid his family a $6 million settlement to avoid public litigation, according to documents obtained and authenticated by the New York Times. Armstrong died from “complications resulting from cardiovascular procedures” in Cincinnati, Ohio at the age of 82.

Hospital Fires 23 Workers in Case of Excessive Doses, Deaths

Hospital fires 23 workers in case of excessive doses, deaths

By Kantele Franko

Associated Press

COLUMBUS, Ohio — The Ohio hospital system where excessive painkiller doses were given to dozens of patients who died fired 23 nurses, pharmacists and managers Thursday and said it is changing leadership, a sign that professional fallout from the scandal has expanded far beyond the intensive care doctor accused of ordering the drugs.

NY Mom Dies in Dominican Republic After Going for Cheap Plastic Surgery

NY Mom Dies in Dominican Republic After Going for Cheap Plastic Surgery Against Family’s Wishes

By Julie Mazziotta

Publication source: People

A New York woman died in the Dominican Republic over the holiday weekend while getting cheap plastic surgery. She is the third American woman to die while getting plastic surgery in Caribbean country over the last four weeks.